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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sharp Practice Assets

You might already be aware that over the years, we have developed close links with several other wargame companies, one of which is the very popular Too Fat Lardies.
The updated version of Sharp Practice is currently invigorating a period which is one of the most prolific in wargaming terms. Be it ACW, Napoleonics or Indian Mutiny, many of us will have figures in our collections from at least one of the above conflicts.

With the popularity of Sharp Practice, we expect a new campaign handbook to be released imminently. There are new asset lists and among them you'll find the following items;

The small Signal Brazier is simple to assemble and available now at the bargain price of £1.80 (VAT inclusive).

 The Pigeon Loft includes a pigeon on a pole which simply slips into the hole conveniently placed at the end of the loft - he's not pictured here as the mould maker had him when Lord Lichfield was here doing the photographs. Available now for £3.00, again this price includes VAT.

Finally, we have the Semaphore Arms, which can be placed on any convenient building or hill to convey your messages quickly around the countryside. Included with this kit is the code sheet for the Chappe system so you can create your own cunning messages to taunt your opponent. This kit is also £3.00 VAT inclusive.

All the above kits are based on 30mm diameter bases, so you can judge the size of the finished items from that measurement. For those of you wanting all 3 of these kits, we also do a bundle, which is catchily titled Sharp Practice Asset Pack for the slightly reduced price of £7.00. Again this is inclusive of VAT at the usual rate of 20%.

You'll find them all at the end of this handily supplied link, should you be inclined to make a purchase. Sharp Practice Assets

Thanks for reading, until next time.
Mr. Warbases

Friday, 21 October 2016

Roman Villas

Recently, I discovered that Channel 4 have got one of my favourite TV shows, Time Team, on their online player, so I've been watching all the series en masse. They seem to have a heavy bias to Roman Britain, in an increasingly desperate search for tessellated pavement, but this has given me a bit of inspiration to commence a project that a certain Mr B has been requesting for around 3 or 4 years or so now...

I wanted to create a Roman Villa in a system that will allow you to add, append and alter the design of your villa, much in the same way that they evolved some 2000 years ago. The beauty of the original Roman design means that the vast majority of the Empire is covered in this system.

We start with the main villa itself, which includes a portico on the front. The back walls are blank, so you can have a bit of security from the local ruffians.
 When you add the large towers (bath house and temple?) to each end you can see how the villa has changed in appearance.
 In the next picture, I've removed the large towers and replaced them with smaller ones, then added the two small store sections to give us a U shaped villa, not unlike the original villa at Lullingstone in Kent.
 We can remove any of the components and totally change the appearance of the complex. This is an L shaped villa utilising a medium store.
 And below, the same with a large store instead.
 I've designed a wall with a gateway to enable you to enclose areas, making courtyards and increasing security and privacy. I've thrown a lick of paint at this one to see how it looks, I'm quite pleased with the results.
 I've also made a separate portico, shown here with the roof removed so you can see the internal detail inside the walkway. All the doors are removable so you can gain free access to the building. The arch window surrounds are supplied with all kits, but are optional for individuality.
We've added the portico onto the back of the villa section, which means that we can create an enclosed courtyard on this side of the villa too.
You can just keep adding sections, creating a rambling giant of a villa if you wish.
Also on the design table is a free standing Roman Temple for your pious Romano Brits to worship in. The covered walkway goes all round the building in the contemporary style.
Please bear in mind that all these buildings are still prototypes and therefore, finalised versions may differ from those seen here. There will be more parts to follow, including walls, a bigger gate, roadside tombs and maybe even a fish pond.

I hope you like these, we hope to have a small selection on display at Fiasco Leeds and Warfare Reading. Comments and feedback is invited...

Mr Warbases.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Eastern Europe is a GO!

So, without further-ado, our Eastern European buildings are now live!

The prices are as per the previous blog post and they can be purchased via the website or pre-ordered for pick up at any of our shows between now and the end of the year.

So here are a couple of photos to whet your appetite.

Here we have a painted Animal Pen and a painted version of our House 3.

I hope you like our latest range of buildings and thank you for the support as ever.

Warbases Jr.

Monday, 12 September 2016

New Buildings Part 3

So guys, I have a release date for the eagerly anticipated Eastern European buildings and we have prices too!

So here goes;

House 1 - £10.00

House 2 - £14.00

House 3 - £12.00

House 4 - £14.00

School - £16.00

Barn 1 (with Dovecot) - £10.00

Barn 2 - £10.00

Church - £60.00

Chapel - £20.00

Livestock Pen - £5.00

Animal Shelter (set of 2) - £5.00

Hay Barn (Hay Cart Included) - £12.00

Granary - £12.00

Toilet - £4.00

Well - £3.00

Pews and Alter - £4.00

So there you have it. Our range of Eastern European buildings is complete and will go live on the website this Friday!!

This means that they are available for order to pick up at the Derby Worlds show on the 1st and 2nd of October and remember if you order up to a week prior to any show and fill in the relevant show discount code you will receive 10% off your order.

I hope you enjoy and remember, check back Friday!!

Warbases Jr.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Vehicles

So guys, two blogs in two days, both offering up new goodies! What am I doing to you.

I have previously shown you the Short and Long Wheel-based versions of our Land Rovers and now we have out latest additions to our Vehicles range.

Here we have our Ferret Scout Car, available at £8.00.

We also have a Humber Pig, available for £8.00.

The Saladin Armoured Car, available for £9.00.

And last but not least, the Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier, available at £9.00.

All of these kits are a combination of MDF and Card and there are PDF's available with a step by step guide to making them. These can be found on each products page of our website.

As ever, thanks for reading and I hope you like our latest creations.

Warbases Jr.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

New Animals

So a little side step away from the ever expanding range of Eastern European buildings with some NEW PRODUCTS!!

So you may have already seen these available at some of our shows this year and we have finally added them to the website for you.

So here is a few additions to our range of animals.

We have added to our range a flock of geese (let me know if that is the right term?). These guys are available for £2.75.

We have also added a set of Jacob Sheep to the range, containing 4 adult Jacob's and 2 lambs. This set of 6 are available for £5.00.
Finally we have a set of ravens complete with table scenery including a sword, shield, tree stump, sign and cross. This set is available for £2.75.

Well that is all for today, check back tomorrow for even more NEW PRODUCTS as they go live tonight for you all.

Thanks again, Warbases Jr.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

New Buildings Part 2

So, after the last blog post the reaction we received from you guys was amazing! Thank you!

So here is a little update on our Easter European range and it is growing!!

In the last post I brought you 6 buildings including our orthodox church, a couple of different styled houses and a building which can be used for a number of things such as a town hall or school building.

And here is the next batch, I shall let the photos do the talking again.

Above; Animal Pen
Below; Animal Shelter

Above; Toilet
Below; Well

Above; Hay Barn
Below; Barn with Dove Tower

Above; Granary
Below; Chapel

As you can see they are all works of art. Some are simplistic and some have had prototype after prototype created before reaching the stage in which we are happy to offer up the finished article to you, our customers.

Again we are still working on the timeline that these will be available at the Derby Worlds show on the 1st and 2nd of October and being released on the website the following week. But I will keep you all updated on here before then.

As always, thanks for reading folks.

Warbases Jr.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Here we have our latest range of buildings that we will be aiming to have released in time for the Derby show at the beginning on October.

The buildings in question are a range of Eastern European styled buildings with an incredibly beautiful (if I do say so myself) centre piece that is an orthodox church. But I shall let the pictures do the talking.

The attention to detail is incredible and I only wish my photography skills were slightly better.

As mentioned above the centre piece to this range is the church measuring in just shy on a foot and a half high.

We will also have a number of different styled houses as well as a school or town hall styled building amongst other things.

So keep an eye out for these in the future and I will be doing more blog posts on these incredible pieces of work.

Thanks again for reading.

Warbases Jr.