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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Paint Bottle Racks

So as you may already know we stock a paint bottle rack on our website that is only suitable for Vallejo bottles.

Well after many a request for a multi-purpose bottle rack we have finally designed one. And here it is!!

In terms of size it is 297mm x 210mm x 72mm with slots 35mm round suitable for holding any Games Workshop bottles as well as Foundry paint bottles and Coat d'arms Paints.

This rack has been designed to be stackable and it is not recommended that these are stored on their side or wall mounted, unlike our Vallejo styled bottle racks.

These are available now over at our website for the sum of £7.00.

Thanks again for reading.

Warbases Jr.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Oi! You! Peasant!

These may have been available for a while at shows and they have finally made it onto our website.

Here we have available 3 variations of peasant carts that are priced between £3 and £4. 

 Above we have Peasant Cart 1, as it is called on the website. This comes in at £3 and features a curved bottom without sides.

Below is Peasant Cart 2. This is available at £4 and features a flat bottom.

Below is Peasant Cart 3. This is also priced at £4 and features "laddered" sides.

All of these carts are easily assembled with only the addition of some PVA glue and you have some fine carts for those pesky peasants roaming around your table. They are now available over on our Carts and Wagons page of the website so head over now and grab yourself a bargain.

Thanks for reading once again guys.

Warbases Jr.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

All for one, and one for all!

So with the return of The Musketeers to our TV screens on BBC 1 I thought I'd make a plug for some of our figures that we already have available on our website.

We have our very own range of musketeer figures available including 2 very good box sets of which I shall be highlighting within this post.

The first of these box sets are the Mousquetaire Mega Pack available at £22. This pack contains;

As seen above, this pack contains the 4 musketeers, Comte de Roquefort, Captain de Travaille, Madame de Winter, Madame Bonasieur, Cardinal Richly, King Lewis and Queen Anna.

The other box set that we have available is the Red Guard Mega Pack for the princely sum of £25.

This contains 4 red guard with sword, 4 red guard with musket, 4 red guard with halberd and 4 red guard with crossbow.

The Mousquetaire Mega Pack offers a saving of £3.50 in comparison to when bought individually whilst the Red Guard Mega Pack will save you £3.00 in comparison to being bought separately. 

So head over to our website and grab yourself a bargain!!

Warbases Jr.