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Thursday, 4 May 2017

May the fourth be with you

Ok so it's a terrible pun, but we thought it might be an appropriate day to post news of our latest developments. Especially given the subject matter - Science Fiction.

Now, we've practically ignored this genre for our entire existence with little or no good reason for doing so, but the time has finally come to rectify this.

So below we have some prototype designs for the beginnings of this range. We expect these to be available around or about our 10th Anniversary which occurs in June. Please note that this range is designed for 15mm scale miniatures.

Below are a selection of habitation pods, with the addition of a little signage, we might make these as commercial pods too for  bars, stores and the ilk.
The crates and pallets that we've scattered around the pods would be suitable for modern era Zombie games too.


All the roofs are removable for access to the internal of the pods. The satellite dishes are cunningly planned and placed to make the process of roof removal simplicity itself.
We've also designed this missile silo for the all important defense of the colony. As you can see the doors on the silo open and close as you require.
We have also been working on this hexagonal control tower. The final version of this may or may not feature the additional acrylic parts that you see here. My plan is to place an LED tealight inside the tower to light up the windows, thereby creating a certain ambiance.
We'll be at Carronade in Falkirk on May 13th at the usual venue of Graeme High School and the following Sunday, May 21st, at Partizan at George Stephenson Hall, Newark Showground. If space permits, we hope to have a few of these prototypes with us for your perusal.

That concludes today's ravings. Please remember that the items you see here are prototypes and the final designs may differ. Thanks and kind regards, Martin.