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Friday, 24 March 2017

Veni Vidi Vici (part 2)

Well it's that time of year again when the wargaming world begins to turn it's gaze towards the Excel Centre in keen anticipation of the biggest event on our calendar. I am of course talking about Salute. We'll have our customary limited edition casualty marker which is a little bit special this year. This is free for anyone spending £10 or more at the stall. If you spend £25 or more, you'll also get a free Rasputin figure, which we designed to be complimentary to our Eastern Europe range of buildings, but it also fits in nicely with the Salute 2017 theme, the Russian Revolution.

In 2017 we have several new releases which will be only be available on the day, and in some cases in very limited numbers. We will not be making these items eligible for reservation and therefore they will be available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that all prices quoted below are inclusive of UK VAT at the standard 20%.

The majority of our building releases are for the Veni Vidi Vici range of Roman buildings. We have a brief glimpse of these below.

Our first release is the late Roman Church, which features many of the aisles and apses that you would immediately associate with a building of this stature. This kit is priced at £21.

Next is the Waterthorne Villa. This is along the same lines as our current Hurlingstone Villa, but utilising our Medium Stores and a Villa Gate to create a walled courtyard. Price for this is £40.

Next is the Oakdene Villa, which is similar to the Waterthorne, however we have used the Large Stores and added a Villa Pool to this bundle. Priced at £45 for the set. 

 Above is the Barrack Block - version A. This has the rooms at the end for the Centurion and one room for a Contubernium. Price is £18 for this kit.

 The Barrack Block - Version B as above has three rooms, each for one Contubernium. Price is £15 for the Barrack Block B kit.

 When you place block A and B side by side, you get quite an impressive range.

 The Stable Block is a necessity for those auxiliary cavalry units and this modest design features an internal floor to create a hay loft, as well as separate rooms for horses and equipment. Priced at £15.

 The Stone Granary above features a raised floor and large buttresses while retaining a compact footprint. Retail price for this handsome kit is £18.

We also have a more rustic wooden version of the granary. Based loosely on a reconstruction at Lunt, near Coventry, this granary sits on high stilts to deter rodents. £15 for this one.

 Moving out of the fort and into the Vicus and surrounding area, our Mansio has an internal floor for added effect and also has a store and stabling to the sides. £30 purchases you this elegant kit.

 The Vicus House above has additional features such as the timber framing and stone foundations. This kit is £15.

 The Vicus Shop has a canopy and multiple working doors for excellent access. Priced at £15.

 The final building to be released at Salute is our Vicus Workshop. This is a long narrow building in the style of the strip houses found outside Roman forts - this kit was inspired by watching a Time Team dig at Papcastle in my native Cumbria. This kit will be available for £18.

As mentioned above, we'll only have 10 of each of these kits available at Salute, and as we're not able to take reservations for these, you might have to be quick in order to get one on the day. We will add these to the web store soon after our return from London, for those of you not able to get to Salute this year.

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read our blog and until next time,