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Monday, 30 May 2016

Cold and Ruined

No that isn't a definition of how I felt after a hefty night out this weekend. But it is a description of the latest products off our production line.

With the release of games such as Frostgrave, we have expanded our 28mm range of buildings to include some things such as ruins and paving pieces, all of which are on 6" tiles so that they are interchangeable to suit your own needs and desires.

Here you can see some WIP pictures of the range, at this time they are still prototypes and changes may be made however they are hopefully going to be available within the coming weeks and months.

Above you can see a corner section of a ruin with a staircase integrated into it.
Above we have a 1 story ruin building and below is a 2 story version with an internal floor.
Below is a 3 piece floor set including a wizards pentangle.

Above is a raised dais and below is the wizards pentangle this time with 4 broken columns.
Below we have a stepped section with elevated platforms.

Well I hope that you all like what you see, please feel free to comment as ever.

For now friends, adios! For I am away to Mexico, see you all in a few weeks time.

Warbases Jr.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Anyone out there??

Well I don't remember Crisis being that bad that it has taken us nearly 3 years to recover and write another blog post?? In all honesty, we have been rather busy, new products, a change of unit and many other things and all of a sudden Martin's blog was chucked to the bottom of a very long list and forgotten about.... Until now!!

So what to talk about...? Well we haven't half been busy these past few years. Like I mentioned above we have a new unit, a matter of minutes from our own front door, we have brought out a number of new ranges such as our carts and WW1 vehicles as well as our very own range of animals that actually look like what they are meant to be! (I know, shocking right!)

But enough about the past, everyone who is reading this wants to know what we are currently working on. So Martin's next little trick up his sleeve is the introduction of Land Rovers, and yes they have been made in MDF, I know, I still don't understand how he manages it either!

So here are a couple of WIP pics for you all, they are nearly ready for production as they still need a couple of small adjustments but here is what Martin's great (and sometimes odd) mind has managed to conjure up. Above is a long wheel-base version of the Land Rover and below is the short wheel-base version.

We are intending to retail both of these at £7 per kit and they will hopefully be put into production in the coming weeks with the aim of having them available online as well as being at our next show in St. Helens in a couple of weeks time.

But that's enough for now folks. Please feel free to comment with any ideas and suggestions and I will hopefully be back a bit sooner than our last post.

Warbases Jr.