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Monday, 11 July 2016

Oi! You! Peasant!

These may have been available for a while at shows and they have finally made it onto our website.

Here we have available 3 variations of peasant carts that are priced between £3 and £4. 

 Above we have Peasant Cart 1, as it is called on the website. This comes in at £3 and features a curved bottom without sides.

Below is Peasant Cart 2. This is available at £4 and features a flat bottom.

Below is Peasant Cart 3. This is also priced at £4 and features "laddered" sides.

All of these carts are easily assembled with only the addition of some PVA glue and you have some fine carts for those pesky peasants roaming around your table. They are now available over on our Carts and Wagons page of the website so head over now and grab yourself a bargain.

Thanks for reading once again guys.

Warbases Jr.