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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

New Animals

So a little side step away from the ever expanding range of Eastern European buildings with some NEW PRODUCTS!!

So you may have already seen these available at some of our shows this year and we have finally added them to the website for you.

So here is a few additions to our range of animals.

We have added to our range a flock of geese (let me know if that is the right term?). These guys are available for £2.75.

We have also added a set of Jacob Sheep to the range, containing 4 adult Jacob's and 2 lambs. This set of 6 are available for £5.00.
Finally we have a set of ravens complete with table scenery including a sword, shield, tree stump, sign and cross. This set is available for £2.75.

Well that is all for today, check back tomorrow for even more NEW PRODUCTS as they go live tonight for you all.

Thanks again, Warbases Jr.


  1. Very nice! And yes, 'flock' is the correct collective noun for geese!

    1. 'Flock' is the correct term but if they were flying they could also be a 'skein'.

  2. That 'nasty' Rousell chap keeps complimenting my Warbases builds which is forcing me to buy some more.


  3. Great stuff, more excellent releases.
    I always thought it was "a gaggle of geese"?

    1. Oh damn, I defaulted to Twitcher mode and forgot about 'gaggle'!
      ; )