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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sharp Practice Assets

You might already be aware that over the years, we have developed close links with several other wargame companies, one of which is the very popular Too Fat Lardies.
The updated version of Sharp Practice is currently invigorating a period which is one of the most prolific in wargaming terms. Be it ACW, Napoleonics or Indian Mutiny, many of us will have figures in our collections from at least one of the above conflicts.

With the popularity of Sharp Practice, we expect a new campaign handbook to be released imminently. There are new asset lists and among them you'll find the following items;

The small Signal Brazier is simple to assemble and available now at the bargain price of £1.80 (VAT inclusive).

 The Pigeon Loft includes a pigeon on a pole which simply slips into the hole conveniently placed at the end of the loft - he's not pictured here as the mould maker had him when Lord Lichfield was here doing the photographs. Available now for £3.00, again this price includes VAT.

Finally, we have the Semaphore Arms, which can be placed on any convenient building or hill to convey your messages quickly around the countryside. Included with this kit is the code sheet for the Chappe system so you can create your own cunning messages to taunt your opponent. This kit is also £3.00 VAT inclusive.

All the above kits are based on 30mm diameter bases, so you can judge the size of the finished items from that measurement. For those of you wanting all 3 of these kits, we also do a bundle, which is catchily titled Sharp Practice Asset Pack for the slightly reduced price of £7.00. Again this is inclusive of VAT at the usual rate of 20%.

You'll find them all at the end of this handily supplied link, should you be inclined to make a purchase. Sharp Practice Assets

Thanks for reading, until next time.
Mr. Warbases

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  1. I wonder if one of those little flashing tealights will fit inside the signal brazier?