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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Second Half of the Season

If you can call a calendar year a season of wargaming shows, we are definitely into the second half of this season now.

With 11 shows still to go this year we will make appearances across Scotland and England as well as the annual pilgrimage to Antwerp over in Belgium.

But I shall start with a home game so to speak. This of course refers to a show whereby we can sleep in our own beds the night before! Trust me, its rare we get to and a delight when we do.

So this Saturday to kick off the run in to the end of the year is of course Edinburgh, the self-proclaimed Premier Wargames Show of Scotland.

A great show, fantastic venue and an excellent day set up and ran by some great guys from the South East Scotland Wargames Club (SESWC).

This year we have made a change to our stall, we will NOT be in the same place as previous years... But we are next door to where we were. So head in that general direction and you will still be able to find us.

As for new products, we ALWAYS get asked about this, and this time we have some!!

We will be rolling out the new Ruined City layout (above) which I spoke about on here a couple of months back and we will also have our new multi-paint bottle rack (below) available to pick up on the day.
Both of these are already available on the website so if you cannot be at Edinburgh on Saturday head over and grab yourself one now.

As for other shows this year we will be at the following:

Claymore, Edinburgh, 6 Aug
Partizan II, Newark, 21 Aug
Border Reiver, Newcastle, 3 Sept
Colours, Newbury, 10 Sept
Derby World Wargames, 1/2 Oct
Skelp, Forfar, 15 Oct
Fiasco, Leeds, 30 Oct
Crisis, Antwerp, 5 Nov
Targe, Kirriemuir, 12 Nov
Warfare, Reading, 19/20 Nov
Battleground, Middlesbrough, 26 Nov

As always we will be taking pre-orders for each and every show and any orders made up to a week before the show will be eligible for a 10% discount. If the order is made through the website please remember and input the discount code!!

Anyway folks that's all for now as I better get back to prepping for this weekends shenanigans.

Warbases Jr.

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