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Monday, 18 June 2018

South East Asian Buildings added.

We've recently been developing a small range of stilted huts for use in South East Asia. The style and construction of these buildings have changed very little over time allowing you to use them for a very wide range of periods, right up to the current day.

Possibilities include (but are not limited to) World War 2 such as Burma, more modern conflicts like Vietnam or perhaps even Samurai type games too.

We have four stilted huts in our initial release for this range, each given a traditional name for such dwellings in this locale. The features of these huts include woven palm panels, shutters and the unique stilted construction, for protection from Monsoon weather conditions as well as snake infestation.

We have added to this range another couple of kits that, while useful in South East Asia, are by no means exclusive to the area, hence you'll also be able to find them in other sections of our website too.

You'll be able to find all these kits in the South East Asia, under the buildings tab on the main bar, but for convenience, this link will take you directly there. 

Our next show will be Claymore in Edinburgh on the 4th of August. Our code for pre-order discount is CLAY10 which will expire at midnight on the 27th of July, full details are available on the SESWC Website. We hope you have a great summer until then and are able to make it along to see us there.

Thanks for reading, we hope the new offerings from Warbases inspire you to get the paintbrushes out and the dice rolling. 


  1. Splendid stuff, but that's to be expected from the premiere MDF company!

  2. Can't wait to have a dabble at one of these huts. I can forsee a lot of vegetation and swampy bits.